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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crib to Coffin

For an art assignment where we had to use text as form, I created a watercolor painting illustrating a verse from Emery's "Crib to Coffin". Great song!!!!

The girl in the picture is a super awesome stock provider on deviantart:
check out her site!

There was a bird
whose wings were crushed
by a windshield.
So fast to the ground
the roadside it found
as its eyes closed.
I heard the driver say,
as she pulled away,
"What could I have done?
The worst now is over."
I thought to myself,
with risk to our health
No one ever offers me help.


Jacob Wong said...

i love it. super good! watercolor is hard to work with so much props!

Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful watercolor! Love your pumpkin carving too!

I found your blog on CAC Team thread. You can find me here

Chelsea said...

That is an amazing piece of art there!! Just wanted to let you know about my new blog called The Lion Won. I'll probably be dropping/changing my IPonEtsy blog, so just wanted to let know about my new one! Would love to have you follow me there!