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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Patchwork Quilt

Once upon a time, there was a college girl who was a patchwork quilt. She was made up of a whole bunch of different things awkwardly stitched together. After all, everyone else was a neat little two-toned or three-toned quilt. She was just a mess. Some of the other quilts were shocked to see the patches of piano keys although she was covered in patches of soccer balls, baseballs, and rugby balls.

"But sports quilts don't usually play instruments..." they pointed out. This didn't help the college girl. She tried to hide the splashes of paint that had gotten all over her, hoping people wouldn't notice that she was an artist too. Unfortunately although likely fortunately, the patch with a camera kept popping up, so she wasn't able to hide it.

The variety of patches that made her confused her and she tried to pull her seams apart.
Thankfully, it is difficult for quilts to pull themselves apart.

During her second year of college, she became tired of being all scrunched up and trying to hide her patches. She smoothed herself out and fixed up the seams she had tried to tear. She changed her major from biology to studio art, joined the club soccer team, and made regular visits to the piano practice room. She still is minoring in biology because she wants to be a physical therapist, a good occupation for a quilt like her. During the summer she opened up an Etsy shop, hoping to sell some of her paintings and photographic prints. It's a brand new world for this little patchwork quilt.

If you check the tag on the quilt, you will find that although it is an American brand, it says, "Made in the Philippines." She's quite proud of the "Made in the Philippines" part, especially since she was only shipped to the U.S. last summer, for college. Her dad was "Made in California" and her mom was "Made in the Philippines". She may just join the Mixed Student Organization this year...

And who does this little quilt love most? Well...the one who created her. She's starting to be happier about who He made her to be. As a craftsman herself, she understands the love and care that the Crafter puts into His creations. She only hopes she can be everything He created her to be.


C'hav said...

Oh I love love love thiS!!!!! HANG TOUGH LITTLE QUILT!!! Every one of your patches is significant and was lovingly chosen by your Creator.

So glad I found your blog!!

blondeanteater said...

aw. I like it. :)